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Organically Grown-Quality Flower

At TreeHouse we believe that in order to be medicated in the most effective way you must take medicine that has been grown in the most quality efficient way. For that reason, we take the necessary steps to ensure that our flower meets our rather high quality standards. We've found that no matter if it's indoor, light dep, or outdoor; the flower must be cultivated with clean/non-harsh nutrients in order to preserve the natural effectiveness of the bud. (Grape Ape pictured)

Accurately Dosed Edibles

We've worked with many edibles brands and have stuck with the brands that continue to deliver tasty and properly dosed edibles. There aren't many things worst than an edible that hits you harder than you anticipated or one that doesn't kick in at all! The edible companies we work with are proven to be consistent and effective. (Milf & Cookies Fruitilicious Krispy Treat pictured)

Solvent-Free Smooth Cartridges

We work with a select few cartridge companies and we've made sure to only allow brands with quality, consistent, and clean THC oil to find it's way on our shelves. Most brands we carry work with rather potent oil and an assortment of strains and/or flavors. Even if we don't carry the brand you are looking for you might find that you enjoy the ones we do all the same! (Multiple Mario Carts pictured)